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Travel Diaries | London

February 07, 2016
London is one of my favourite cities to visit and it's a city that I would keep revisiting again and again (if only the flight was shorter). A place where fashion is something that lives in everyone, a variety of shops and food, high end brands, British accents, tea and gloomy weather. This was my second time in London and this trip was more of a shop, eat, relax/recover from the 13 hour flight we were on since we've visited all the tourist attractions the first time.

So if you ever go to London, here are my top 8 things to do:

1 | Visit Oxford Street
One of the well known streets in London where you can shop, eat and see the busy streets of London.  It's easy to access via the London Underground or by a black taxi. If you walk far enough, you can find eateries and bars at Soho or around Carnaby street.

2 | Shop at Selfridges & Co
Shopping. What more can I say? Shop everywhere is my advice :P (and you can even claim back your tax too- saving money while shopping? Yeah, I think so)

3 | Eat everything at Harrods food hall
If you think its just a normal 'food section'. You thought wrong. Harrods is a nice place to shop because of the old style classy lifts and the artsy decor. But the food hall is amazing. For anyone who loves to eat and enjoys food, you'd find different types of chocolate, Cronuts, pastries, cakes, seafood, bread and they even have small eateries and restaurants.

4 | Have afternoon tea/high tea
Whether it be at LadurĂ©e, Claridges Hotel, Fortnum & Mason or at a small local cafe, its a must do because everybody likes cake! One thing I love about travelling is embracing the culture and high tea is common in London- Dainty and luxurious plates, Royal Doulton teacups and saucers with white table clothes, high ceilings and chandeliers; it's a great way to have an afternoon snack with loved ones :) 

5 | Watch a musical
I'm a huge musical/theatre fan and London has lots of theatres around the city and each theatre is dedicated to one show that shows for a period of time. My favourite classics would be The Lion King, Wicked and Phantom of the Opera.

6 | Take the London Tube
Gotta take it at least once for the experience right?

7 | Go sightseeing
Visit the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, National Gallery at Trafalgar Square etc. The best way to explore is to go to the places yourself via the hop on/hop off bus. They come really frequently and you can take the time to explore the place at your own pace.

8 | Eat at a fancy place
You've sat on a long flight and you don't know when you'll be back in London, so why not have a fancy dinner on a night out? Fancy dinner could be going to a well known bar or trying a michelin star restaurant. Remember to book in a few months in advanced to avoid disappointment :) I have a previous post about Dinner by Heston in London for those interested in food photos!

I could go on and on about what to do in London but I think the best is to explore a city by walking everywhere. I love travelling and a travel diary for Rome and Venice is coming soon. Enjoy some of the photos I've taken on my trip with my Fujifilm x10 camera!

Above: Intersection between Regent St, Piccadilly Circus, Coventry St and Shaftesbury Ave

Above: Shoryu Ramen Restaurant 

Above: Exploring London and meeting up with friends on Carnaby Street

Above: London breakfast ft English breakfast tea & breakfast muffins and bagels at Benugo

 Above: Covent Garden (famous market place in London and not a garden)

Photography: Fujifilm x10 and Iphone 5 Camera

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