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Travel Diaries | Venice & Rome

March 17, 2016
Writing up this post really made me wish that I was back in Italy drinking a Bellini and watching the sunset without worrying about reading a law case or going to work. Italy is a place filled with culture, history and fashion and it's amazing when you get to visit the famous places you learnt in your year 5 Italian class. I know photos have been uploaded a little late, but better late than never right?

Needless to say, rome-ing around Rome and Venice wasn't like what I saw in the Lizzie McGuire movie but every corner and street was picturesque and like every other tourist, I'd stop and whip out my camera and take 9879874 photos. The food (!!) and tiramisu and ice cream and all things food was amazing. Despite being told by everyone that I should wear a fanny pack (which I didn't) and bring a half empty suitcase (which I did + an extra bag just in case), I fell in love with the culture, the people and the city instantly.

Valentino window displays in Rome

Taking a water taxi in Venice makes you feel like a million bucks and I highly recommend you take one while you're there. Being in Venice really makes you appreciate having a car back at home- and its air-conditioning during the Summer!

Dinner at St. Marks Square in Venice where we listened to live music, watched pigeons fight for the bread crumbs and watched the summer sunset was one of the best ways to experience the culture in Venice! 

Island hopping to Burano, Murano and Torcello

View from a boat of Doge's palace and St Marks Square

Rome on the other hand is a city where history meets modernity- shopping in 5 storey Zara flagship stores at ridiculously cheap prices while picking up new season fashion pieces, making gelato ice-cream a meal after every main meal and saying 'Ciao' became a ritual. 


Top of the Spanish Steps

St Peter's Basilica 

Making wishes at the Trevi Fountain

Ice cream all day err day

Day trippin' to Florence

Fashion installation art windows at Dior

Ciao for now! I hope you've enjoyed the photos and that it inspires you to visit Italy one day- all photos were taken by me using a Fujifilm x10 camera :)

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