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April 30, 2016
"Someday, when you get where you are going, you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. And that will be the greatest feeling in the world" - Taylor Swift 

Hello May and goodbye April! Gosh the year has gone by so quickly and we're already 1/3 through the year. It's scary sometimes how we get caught up with life and we forget to stop and appreciate everything around us. 

I read this quote by Taylor Swift and it really stuck to me. Reflecting back on the last few weeks has made me grateful for the people I have in my life and where I currently am. April has been a rollercoaster because it was a month filled with stress, happiness and celebrations; Assignments after assignments, juggling 2 jobs and trying to keep on top of everything is exhausting. But at the end of the day, even though it was a rollercoaster, I'm glad I still have the support from my friends and family to be there for me and April is always good to me. Plus, life's better when its filled with adventures and rollercoasters right?

Above: Odyssea Beach Cafe Interior

April was a month filled with food. Food brings people together and thats one of the reasons why I love to eat out so much. Eating out means seeing people and seeing people means bringing together a group of friends who study at different universities or bring those together that are busy with their worklife. Besides, everyone loves comfort food and the best memories are shared and the strongest bonds are made over food. 

Above: Dessert degustation at the Trustee (left) and Salmon Oshi at the Modern Eatery (right)

Starting top left (clockwise): Fish, Chicken and Pulled Pork Tacos at Bayside Kitchen, Smashed Avo at Tracks, Watermelon & Strawberry Cake from Backstar Pastry at the Elizabeth Quay Markets and Baked Prosciutto and Potato at Layup Cafe.

Lastly, the best memory of April were the surprises I got from various friends and I'm eternally grateful to have them in my life. Even though it wasn't anything fancy, the inside jokes, saboteur, card games, a lot of selfies, photos and food was enough for me. I know uni and work life is busy but it is important to take the time to stop and appreciate the people that are there for you. A small gesture goes a long way and even if it means nothing to you, it might mean something to someone else.

Above: Surprise Party :)

Before I end this post, I apologise I haven't been posting frequently but I've lined up future fashion and style posts so keep checking back :)

Farewell April, we'll meet again next year!

Autumn X Winter Edit

April 11, 2016
It's finally my favourite time of the year again! Rain, boots, chunky knits, layering, scarves, coats and tea are some of my favourite things during the cold season. If you haven't started cleaning out your wardrobe and making space for winter or have no idea what to invest in this season, then here are my personal top 8 Autumn/Winter 'must have items' for this season.

1 | The Leather Jacket
Never underestimate how cool you'll look in a leather jacket because just wearing one elevates your outfit to a whole new level. Throw on a simple white tee with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket will give off an effortless chick look.

2 | Chunky Knit
Everything about cold weather is about layering and knits and there's no such thing as too many jumpers! Camel, wool knits, turtle necks and dotted jumpers are in this season.

3 | The Ankle Boot
If you're not keen on investing in anything, then invest in a pair of ankle boots because they're always in season and you'll get lots of use out of it! Whether it be ankle boots, high knee boots or a simple flat boot, its so easy to dress up and dress down an outfit.

Above: Senso Kelsey II Boots, Senso Bailey VII Boots and Tony Bianco Reggie Boots.

4 | The White Shirt
In every wardrobe, a white shirt must exist. It's versatile and you'll rely on it for nearly every occasion. Witchery does the "White Shirt Campaign" and sells the classic white shirts in a variety of styles for everyone.

5 | The Winter Coat
Finding the perfect winter coat isn't as easy as everyone thinks. I find it really hard to find a coat that fits well and one that's not too big or long (short people problems). But when you do find one, the feeling you get is one of the best feelings ever (sorry its a bit cheesy but its true... shopping makes everyone happy!)

This season its all about the grey and camel tones. If you haven't found a coat for winter, I'd suggest you go with grey or black coat as you'll get more use out of it- but if you've got too many coats and want something different then go with a sleeveless coat and pair it with a turtle neck knit and ripped jeans.

Above: Forever New Camel Wrap Coat, Witchery Tie Wrap Coat and Seed Sleeveless Coat.

6 | Winter Cape
Capes are one of my favourite winter pieces because you can dress them up or down. If you're opting for a thicker and heavier cape, just be cautious with layering as you don't want to over layer it.

Tip: Wear something fitted under the cape so it balances the outfit.

7 | Knitted Ribbed Midi Skirts or the A-line Skirt
These skirts can be worn casually with sneakers or with a pair of chunky boots and is a great basic piece for layering.

8 | Scarves
Accessories make such a huge difference and can give an outfit a completely different look. Chunky scarfs and snoods are fashionable and practical (bonus points!).

 Above: Seed Reverse Wrap Scarf and Decjuba Knit Scarf

I hope this has hopefully inspired your winter wardrobe or given you a sudden surge of inspiration :)

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