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wan • der • lust (n)

July 21, 2016
wander • lust (n)
\ 'wän-dər - ,ləst \
a strong desire or urge to travel or wander

If I could describe the recent road trip I went on, it would be Wanderlust. Everything felt like magic and zipping through the roads in the rainy weather and passing trees and small cottages was peaceful. Oh and pressing my face against the windows every time I saw a cow or sheep made me feel ridiculous (and screaming 'omg its a cow'), but it doesn't matter because it was fun. I love travelling to new places that makes me feel like I’m in another world and just travelling in general with friends or family. The photos don't do any justice for the views but it felt like I was on top of the world when we successfully hiked to the top of Bluff Knoll. Sometimes it takes a while to realise how grateful you are in life for the people who stick by you and those who come and go. But hey, that's life for you and its completely normal. Getting out of the busy city with people walking along the streets with their heads down; it was nice having no reception at times and it make you appreciate how important it is to switch off.

If you plan on visiting Bluff Knoll, make sure you check the weather and carry a jumper as it gets chilly the higher you get! But overall, it was an amazing experience and eating lunch and just chilling on the top of the peak (being the only ones up there) was surreal and an experience I'll never forget. I don't know how many times I gasped at the amazing views and we were lucky the sun came out at the top. Eating our $1.50 pizza rolls and hanging off the edge was the best way to hang (ha ha ha). But nevertheless, finding secret entrances to beaches and just enjoying the scenic car rides were pure simple joys of life and the best way to start the winter holidays which I would do all again. I hope you enjoy the photos below and have inspired you in some way to travel :)

Above: Photo Credits to ET

At Diamond Tree Lookout

Lunch at Bluff Knoll

Secret Pathway to Elephant Rocks

The view at the top of Bluff Knoll

The Gap + Natural Bridge - Albany

The Gap + NaturalBridge - Albany

Elephant Rocks - Denmark

Homemade Breakfast- Poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms w/ spinach leaves, turkish bread & hollandaise sauce (nom nom)

Elephant Rocks - Denmark

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

 Captured with Fujifilm x10 Camera

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