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Travel Diaries: Hong Kong

June 03, 2018
Even though it's been a while since I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to dedicate a post from my holidays over the Christmas and New Year break. Hong Kong is definitely a buzzing city with lots of culture, food and shopping.

Don't know what to do in HK when you're there? Well here's a list of a few places to see and eat.

(Disclaimer: this post is based on my experiences from my holiday and does not contain an exhaustive list of what you should do)

 Hong Kong skyline 

The Landmark - if you're looking for the high end designer goods, look no further. The shopping centre has such a nice layout and has all the stand alone luxury boutiques. Even if you're not going to buy anything, the shopping centre is still a nice place to visit.

Mongkok - want to find a good bargain? Mongkok has some great markets to find a good bargain. Try your bargaining skills or watch on and observe other people successfully make a good bargain. There's heaps of food and you can find all sorts of gems in this neighbourhood. There's also a lot of different types of markets such as the fish market. S and I visited the fish market and I thought it was pretty cool. 

Central - Looking for the largest Zara in Asia? I would be lying if I said I only spent less than an hour in there.... Central has stores scattered around the city centre with Topshop, Zara and Cos within the same vicinity.

Causeway Bay - known as the 'fashion district', here you can find one of the largest LED screens in Asia outside SOGO. Shopping malls and stand alone stores all within walking distance, with heaps of food options nearby.

Above: Tian Tan Buddha at Ngong Ping Lantau Island
Above: Matcha ice cream from Via Tokyo // Salmon platter at a Japanese Restaurant // Japanese fluffy pancakes at FLIPPERS

Man Mo Temple


Stanley Street - the street with all the cheap and affordable michelin star restaurants. Would recommend going to Yat lok (roast goose house), Tsim Chai Kee noodle shop and Mak's noodles! Tip: Go early to queue up for a spot if you can because I can guarantee there will be a queue for most places.

Michelin Star restaurants - HK has many michelin star fine dining restaurants - from cheap eats to fancy restaurants. S and I took the opportunity to visit Amber (located at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental) and it was amazing - honestly one of the best dining experiences I've had. It's on the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2017 and if you have the time and want to try some french cuisine, this is a place I'd recommend. $$$ but worth it for a special occasion!

Desserts - egg tarts, Australian Dairy Company, Mammy's egg waffles, cheap bubble tea, hongkong style desserts... so much food. I was basically snacking every second hour and walking everywhere just so I could eat more...

Travel tip: share your food with someone so you'll feel less guilty when you eat more food (hehehe)

Dim sum - seriously so cheap and delicious. Stop by Tim Ho Wan if you can (typical tourist place) or any other store for dim sum. When S and I went to Tim Ho Wan (we went twice), go early or you will be queuing for ages OR takeaway your food and eat in a park or some place nearby. The baked char siew bao's are amazing and ridiculously cheap.

Above: Buildings at South Horizon // Salted egg yolk waffle from Mammy Pancake
Above (clockwise from top right): Egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery // Ox Tongue at a Japanese Restaurant// Braised beef brisket noodles at Mak's Noodles // Dim sum at Tim Ho Wan

 Above: Noodles at Tsim Chai Kee


The Peak - best views of HK from the top. Go at night to see the city sparkle and potential photo opportunities!

Ocean Park or Disney Land - amusement parks are always fun! I personally enjoyed both places when I went (on different trips), but I found Ocean Park to have more rides and a lot larger than Disney Land. The only downside was that the queues were so long :(

Tian Tan Buddha - note to future self - to avoid huge lines, don't go to tourist attractions on a Saturday or a few days after Christmas. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend going on the cable car up to the mountains to enjoy the scenic views from the top.

Tsim Sha Tsui - the walk along the Victoria Harbour Front boasts breathtaking views of Hong Kong. Along the walk there are the Avenue of Stars, the Ferry (which is a great way to see the city) and shops!

Macau - if you've got the time, take a day trip to Macau. With only a ferry away, you can explore the historical sites, eat portuguese egg tarts and make a quick stop at the casino to win some $$$.

                              Above: Ocean Park

 Above: View from Ocean Park

Above: Roast goose and roast pork at Yat Lok (L) // Street markets (R)

Above: Displays at Times Square

I'm hoping this post inspires you on your next travel destination. Going through photos and writing this post has definitely made me miss holidays and all the cheap dim sum!

All photos taken on iPhone X.

Snow Egg or Easter Egg?

March 29, 2018
I'm sure everyone has watched or heard of the 'Snow Egg' from Master Chef and the fact that it is very hard to replicate or make. So when I had the chance to go back to Sydney a second time, I took the chance to eat at the Quay Restaurant.

The restaurant has panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House and we were lucky to get a seat next to the window with a full 360 view. We started off with some drinks while we perused the menu. In the end, we decided with the 3 course set menu.

Above (clockwise from top left): Beverages // Amuse Bouche // Congee of hand dived scallops, heart of palm & black vinegar laver (dish 1) and Smoke confit pig jowl, southern squid, shaved shiitake & sea cucumber crackling (dish 2) // Slow cooked quail with fermented mushroom custard, walnuts, brioche porridge and seed crackling (all entrees)
Above: Arkady lamb, barrette onions, ice plant, oca, lemon puree, roasted hemp seeds 

 Above: Roasted pasture raised duck, fermented wild rice, black garlic, orach, hatsuka radish

Above: Steamed Coral Trout, young almonds, heirloom radishes, sake, lemon

Entrees and mains were really good and well presented. The flavours and ingredients of the dishes were well balanced, as well as the size of the dishes. By the second course, we were quite full as there was plenty of food (especially with the home made bread and delicious butter) but obviously, everyone always has a second stomach for dessert.

 Above: Eight textured chocolate cake

Above: Snow Egg

The eight textured chocolate cake consisted of Valrhona dark chocolate with 8 different layers of chocolate. It was delicious and not too rich - perfect for those who love a dark chocolate dessert. When the snow egg came out, my eyes lit up because it looked so pretty. The ice was infused with peach syrup, the egg was just sitting there looking delicate and the presentation of the dish was perfect. After taking photos (as all asians do - but don't worry, I only took less than 3 minutes), I cracked the egg revealing custard and ice cream. Would I come back again - yes. Although I've heard the Quay is re-designing their menu and removing the snow egg (gasps), so go check it out before they take the snow egg out. Overall my experience at the Quay was pleasant and enjoyable and the snow egg is probably one of the best desserts I've had.

Would you choose a snow egg over Cadbury oreo eggs? (its a pretty hard choice tbh)

All photos taken on iPhone X.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

December 11, 2017
It's less than two weeks till Christmas and I don't know about you, but 2017 flew by very very quickly. But then again, I say that every year!

One of my favourite holiday season is Christmas (aside from Chinese New Year). It's the time of the year to buy Christmas presents, hang up decorations, come together with loved ones to celebrate the festive season, admire the pretty shopping windows and the best excuse to dress up for every Christmas event.

Christmas Tree in Singapore (Ion Orchard)

So like you, I've been searching for Christmas gift ideas and honestly, it has not been easy. But to make your life easier or provide some inspiration, I've put together a list of gift giving options. You might even find something for yourself along the way - and I'm all for supporting self-indulgence and buying presents for yourself (you know you deserve it!).

Even though he says the five shirts he owns (on rotation) is good enough or the only things he wants are 'practical' items only, it never hurts to buy other 'practical items' with a touch of fashion or luxe.

Sunglasses just in time for Summer - ticks the 'practical' box (no arguments there)

Shop: Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Stylish windbreaker jacket's or any casual blazer's/jackets for the cool summer nights

Shop: Polo Ralph Lauren Windbreaker Jacket


I'm a huge fan of the Slip Silk Pillowcase - if she's into beauty, I would highly recommend this! She'll feel like royalty sleeping on this.

Pottery Barn


Jewellery boxes are great decor items - both functional and pretty at the same time (you'll win brownie points) 

Shop: Pottery Barn

Kikki K Diary

Christmas can be expensive and having a budget is always smart. Chic or simple diaries with gold detailing creates the perfect luxe item and it's also wallet friendly!

Shop: Kikki K Diary 

Koko Black Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate. Take chocolate gifts to the next level by personally hand picking chocolates. Add a handwritten card to make it more personalised. It's always the thought that counts!

Shop: Koko Black


Whether its for your sister or brother, a small (or large) gift will go a long way (even though they can be annoying at times). A pool floatie is always a good idea (plus you can use it too)

Shop: Sunny Life Flamingo

The everyday duffle bag which can fit almost anything. The detachable strap makes it easier to carry around for travel or even to the gym.

Shop: Country Road Duffle


All girls love jewellery. And love it more when they see a blue box under the tree. One of my favourite from the Tiffany's collection is the Tiffany T and is one that she will love.

Headphones for the tech guru - these wireless headphones will impress.

Classic time piece that can be worn through the seasons and for every occasion.

The list of potential gifts are endless but these are my top picks and I hope this inspires your Christmas shopping. Enjoy it - Shopping is meant to be fun!

This is post is not in any way sponsored.

Japan is always a good idea.

November 19, 2017
Hi everyone!

So I've had a chance to go through all my Japan photos and put together a photo diary and Japan is always a good idea for a travel destination. Those who know me well will know that I love Japanese food - probably nearly as equal to my love for chicken rice. So you can imagine how excited I was to go to Japan land straight after exams.

We stayed in Osaka for about 5 days, went for a day trip to Nara to visit the temples and deers (they were so cute!), a couple of nights at a nice and relaxing ryokan in Kameoka and 4 days in Kyoto. It was basically, eat, shop, relax, sleep, sightsee, eat, shop, relax - a good start to the holidays. I would highly recommend staying in a ryokan - it is definitely a worthwhile experience and probably has the best service I've ever encountered throughout my travels.



Breakfast Dining Room at the Hotel 

Ichiran Ramen 

  Cremia Softserve                                                                         Unagi Eel Don


Deers roaming Nara Park

Nara Park

 Universal Studios
Butter Beer

Minion Char Siew Pau


 Private Onsen at our Ryokan (Yunohana Hot Spring Resort Suisen)

 Breakfast Spread 

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest 

Onsen resort gardens


When modern meets traditional - Kyoto Roads

Tsujiri Parfait Ice cream

Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

Gyukatsu Don 

Kinkaku-ji Temple

Dessert at Michelin Star Restaurant Länka

There were too many photos to choose from but I hope this inspires you on your next adventure.


All photos taken by a Fuji-film x10 and Iphone 7.

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