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May Trend Report

May 07, 2017
Don't know what trends are going on at the moment? At least you can be relieved that clear jeans will not be on the top trends for this month. I don't really know how that became a 'thing' but regardless, here are my top trends for May.

It's everywhere. Jeans, jackets, bags and dresses. A touch of embroidery can make a dress look playful and different. Even if the embroidery is small, remember its the small details that counts (and people do notice!).

Velvet is back and is staying for the colder months. Its bold, it feels expensive and it looks good. My personal favorite is pairing a velvet camisole with a pair of jeans and heels for a simple yet sophisticated look for dinner.
                 Ralph Lauren Collection (left), Vanessa Seward (right)

Pleats/Midi skirts
Pleats + knitted jumper + boots or sneakers can take your look from day to night. Balance the outfit by making sure you don't wear too baggy on the top. Stick to simple tops/tees/jumpers as the main focus is on the skirt!

Valentino (left), Selena Gomez (right)

The 'it' Coat
Doesn't matter which year it is, the coat will always be a must have for your fall/winter wardrobe. It's the last thing you put on before heading out the door, but trust me, its the first thing people notice when you're walking down the street. Whether it be a fur coat, a cape or an oversized coat, I would keep an eye out for any coats that can be used every season without going out of style. To be safe, stick to neutral colours but once in a while, play the wild card and get a bright colour.

Bella Hadid (left), Hailey Baldwin (centre), Miranda Kerr (right)


Meet your new shoe obsession - the mule. It started off with the infamous Gucci Fur Mules and suddenly it was everywhere. Chanel jumped on the bandwagon and put a classic twist on their mule with a pearl studded heel. Who knows what's next but these heels are coveted by many.

Aimee Song wearing Chanel Heels (left), Alexa Chung wearing Gucci Loafers (right)

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