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How to: Effortless Style

June 27, 2016
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Effortless Style is what I generally try to aim for- this means an outfit that looks different by throwing on different pieces and making the outfit look stylish but effortless. This gives off the vibe that you didn't put any 'effort' in (but you actually did which is pretty much the story of my life). So if you're going to try and use this style, here's my take on the Do's and Dont's!

1 | Do invest in classic pieces
I know they never go on sale or they're too 'basic' but trust me, you'll wear these pieces over and over again and its a good basic piece if you want to layer on with coats and jumpers! Other pieces like jeans, white tee, LBD or LWD are pieces that you'll wear over and over again. Although, still invest in fashion trends but don't go overboard as they can go out of season fast.

2 | Don't wear too many statement pieces
There's a reason why they're called "Statement Pieces". If you're going out to a formal event, don't overdo the jewellery but keep it simple and balanced. If you're heading out for brunch, wear 1-2 pieces like a really nice jacket and a bag to complete the look. Pick 1-2 pieces that you want to stand out- don't put on any more than 3 pieces that may stand out as it'll detract from the main piece.

3 | Do play with proportions
This means wearing baggy and oversized clothes the right way. Don't wear a baggy top and a baggy skirt- its a fashion disaster and I learnt that the hard way. For example, if you're wearing an oversized jumper then go with a tight skirt. 

4 | Do wear something that reflects your style
If its taking so long to put together one outfit, the best way is to go with your instinct and wear something your comfortable in. At the end of the day, it'll make you feel good and give you confidence since you're comfortable in what you're wearing. There's no point in wearing something and stressing out the whole night thinking 'does this look good?' or 'should I have worn the other dress!?' as it causes unnecessary stress :P

Images via: Pinterest 

5 | Do be practical
I'm probably the worst when it comes to this but do be practical. If its raining, don't wear your new open toe stilettos. Or if its a garden wedding, make sure to get either heel stoppers or wear wedges instead. Although I live by the rule 'fashion is pain', I still need to be practical.

I apologise for the late posts! May has been a busy month with exams and now since its holidays, I'll be churning out more posts :)


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