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September 04, 2016

Spring has finally sprung upon us and a change of weather means a change of fashion right? Out goes the coats and boots and in with the shorts and t-shirts. Although the sun has never been my favourite because of the tendency of my skin to burn within 5 minutes, I must say, it is nice to have a change in weather. For the first weekend of Spring, I decided to make a trip down to Araluen and Raeburn Orchard to see the tulips and cherry blossoms. It was nice to get out of town for a while and hear the sound of 20 bees buzzing in the orchards and just aimlessly roaming through hectares of land to look at the flowers and trees (we even saw sheep!). The morning began by making and packing finger sandwiches and cake for our afternoon picnic. The day consisted of no discussion of studies or law, stuffing our faces with sandwiches, getting lost in the middle of no where (I still think I'm a good navigator though) and enjoying the last day of the week with a bottle of good ol' ginger beer. 

Although the weather can change drastically during the beginning of Spring, there are a few key transitional pieces for Spring. These are:
  • The Leather Jacket which is versatile for every season really! Its a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe and a piece that you can easily throw on to lift an outfit.
  • The ankle boot - Although the ankle boot isn't ideal for summer, its a good piece to transition from Winter to Spring on those chilly Spring mornings. Ankle boots can be worn with pretty much everything which is why I live in them for daaayys.
  • The knit jumper - this can still be worn over a skirt for those days when its cold in the morning but feels like 30 degrees by noon.

Witchery Dress | Zara Leather Jacket | Celine Sunglasses 

Lastly, a final note on perspective. I've learnt over the last month that as individuals, we tend to always focus on the negative aspects of our lives and not the positive aspects. I admit that I am one of those individuals. Creating a different perspective in our lives by opening up and focusing that energy on the good things in life makes a huge difference to not only you, but for the people surrounding you. Just remember that at the end of the day, if you don't achieve something, its not the end of the world - The most successful people are the ones that learn from experience and help others.

Above: Tulips at Araluen

I'm excited for September - there are so many things happening and you'll find out why over the next few blog posts :)

All photos taken by S.N and myself with Fujifilm x10

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