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Two Thousand & Fifteen

January 09, 2016
2015 has been a year of ups and down and the month of December and January is when we start to reflect on how we can become a better person in the new year or reflect on the year. I was grateful to spend NYE last year with a group of friends that I met through uni and it was fun just relaxing with some close friends while making spontaneous decisions that night. To sum it up, I've learnt 4 things in 2015.

1 | Family
Family is everything. I learnt that family is the one that can be the most easily taken for granted for because of our busy lives, work, uni, friends. But its important to spend some time with family, whether it be staying home for dinner, watching tv or even doing the household chores. I've definitely learnt that family will be there for you no matter what and its something we should all treasure.

2 | Friends
Friends come and go. It's silly to say, but its hard to figure out who your real friends are and who aren't. Those who stick by your side and support you when you're down are the friends that I'm grateful to have because they were there for me when I needed them last year. It took me a while to accept that its okay for people to grow apart and move on, but you just have to accept that its a part of life and make new friends with people who will appreciate you for you.

3 | You
Sometimes its okay to be selfish and put yourself first before others. And yes, its still important to be selfless, but its important to make yourself happy as well. Don't let it become a burden, have a balance.

4 | Take risks
If you are ever given an opportunity, go for it. I've learn to push myself out to meeting new people and its rewarding when you learn something new or do something you didn't think you were capable of. Travel around the world, take risks, explore your local city or even try something new with a loved one- the experience is priceless and the memories and bonds made are the ones you'll never forget!

I'm excited as to what 2016 will bring, but nevertheless, everything is a learning experience and as long as I've got the people I care most with me, it'll be a good year :) Happy new year!
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